Flex Lesson Plan

Flex Lessons allow you to fit music study into your busy life.  This plan works well for those involved in seasonal activities that overlap the usual studio schedule or divert practice time from the ideal. Adults with fluctuating work and family demands will be able to structure music study to coincide with their schedule’s ebb and flow.  Flex Lessons provide the flexibility to “work while you work, and play while you play.” 

To maximize musical progress, students are encouraged (but not required) to strive for a minimum of fifteen 60-minute lessons per academic year. Students schedule lesson-by-lesson, keeping in mind that clustering lessons generates momentum.  Payment is by the lesson.  


60 minute lesson =  $42.00

75 minute lesson =  $50.00

90 minute lesson =  $58.00

For individuals pursuing musical development within life’s other responsibilities, Flex Lessons keeps the music playing. 

Flex Lessons are offered for adult and qualified high school students only.